PET bottles for pharmaceutical industry
40 ml
98,7 mm
Neck diameter: 
18 mm
600 pcs/bag

F/40 Our newest product PET bottle volume 40 ml, is ideal for packaging of alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, oils and tinctures of medicinal and aromatic herbs, homeopathic products and alike. For this bottle we produce plastic closures Ø 18, with a locking ring which is cleaved during the first opening, and thus protects the originality of your product. The opening of the bottle neck (18 mm) is compatible with standard methods of pharmaceutical closure, so this bottle can be completed with the dropper, nasal and ordinary
spray... Standard products are colorless but upon request of customer can be produced in other colors for orders greater 10,000 pieces. High quality PET - polyethylene terephthalate material from which all our bottles are produced, give them transparency, crystallinity like glass, firmness ... This bottle, like the rest of our products, has a health certificate.