PET bottles for chemical industry

Description of the product and its application: This group of PET bottles is intended for packing chemicals for agriculture, veterinary medicines, supplements, but is also used for packing powder products like medicines, color for printers...

Closure options: For these bottles we produce plastic caps Ø45 and Ø28 with induction sealing. Induction device separates film from its cardboard base and welds it on the bottle neck. For closing bottles that are filled with content that have a tendency to react later (which causes retraction of the bottle), we offer caps with VENTILATED LINERS. With both of these liners, quality and originality of your product will be kept.

Standard colors of each kind of bottles is stated in its description, We can produce bottles in other colors, but only for orders greater than 10,000 pcs.

Standard color of closures Ø45: white, green and red

Standard color of closures Ø28: white, blue, orange and violet

Volumes : 25, 50, 100, 250 and 1000 ml

HemoTehna plastična ambalaža za hemikalije i pesticide