About us

"HemoTehna" Corporation from Subotica was founded in April 1991. The basic profile was trade, consulting and financial services.

PET packaging production started in the company in 1994, it was made up to date with the purchase of new equipment in 2002. This led to the increase of production capacity, a larger range of packaging and a higher level of quality. As a company we are committed to produce packaging for special purposes, in exclusive shapes and colors according to the customer's demand. The concept of our production is based on strict control of each step of production, which enables us to meet the most rigorous demands.

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is our choice material first of all because of the technical characteristics this material offers. It is an attractive material, has good mechanical features, transparency and gloss. It substitutes conventional materials because it is cheap, weighs little, is resistant to hits, grease and emulgators. And one of its most important characteristics is that it is reusable.

The "HemoTehna" Corporation is made up of a team of well organized professionals, who are the most important component of the production. We look back on experience of many years and still find pleasure in being at the service of our customers, and thus, gaining new ones.


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