PET bottle for vine
200 ml
vein green, brown and colorless
176 mm
Neck diameter: 
20 mm
200 pcs/bag

Volume 200 ml , with neck opening Ø20 mm

The new bottle is intended for packing wine, because of small dimension it is ideal for distirbution in airplanes, restaurants, bars… but it can also be used for packing liquer, salad dressings, sauces, vinegar, oil etc.

High quality design highlights the quality of PET material: transparency, high gloss, high strength and low weight, lightweight and cannot be broken.

Bottle is smooth so, all the labels adhere perfectly.

Bottle is produced in these standard colors: weinekengreen, colorless, brown,  of course the bottle can be produced in other colors but only for orders bigger than 10.000 pcs.

PET bottle for vine
PET bottle for vine
PET bottle for vine